Serie: 1F44

Medium Level

Manual or automatic steam generator suitable for every need of ironing, also suitable for domestic use. 
Ideal for use as an emergency for laundries or communities. 
Equipped with professional iron, security-valve, pressostat and two thermostats. Comes with an iron  steel  boiler  AISI 304  3 lt, about 3\4 hours ironing. 
The boiler is built to SAVING ENERGY.

Serie ECO

Maximum Level

ironing side: right\left

Self assembly-Kit  ironing table with a vacuum-heated or vacuum-heated and blowing ironing board. Depending on the model is available without or with steam generator inside. Equipped with  built-in attachments for sleeve-forms. 

Serie 1F43

Medium Level    

Steam generator with separate boiler, this disctinct iron-steel boiler AISI 304  has a continuous water feeding, immersion heating element in  iron-steel  Incoloid which guarantees no loss of Power; equipped with electrical and hydraulic socket for accessories-attachment, electronic regulator with feeler and a 2 lt iron-steel-AISI 304 cold-water tank  which is positioned next to the boiler to preheat the water. Comes also with a professional iron.