Electric iron

Electric iron with thermostat and thermal fuse. The plate is made of aluminium and comes with an immersion heating element for maximum heat transfer

 Electric steam iron

Electrically  heated steam iron with thermostat and thermal fuse, comes with cable and steam pipe according to CE regulations.
The soleplate is available in brushed or anodized  aluminium
All-Steam iron

All-Steam iron without heating element nor thermostat, it is only heated by steam. 

Suitable for delicate fabrics ironing at a controlled temperature.

     Open seams Iron

      Professional iron with special shape to open the seams of the

      Comes with microswitch, thermostat, cable and thermal fuse                     according to CE regulations.

Steaming Brush for finishing

brush ideal for the finishing touch on: delicate fabrics or  clothes (ex. Wedding dresses),  velvet fabrics, upholstery of seats, car seats or  where a vertical ironing is required
              Air-Steam Gun

Steam gun
to be connected to a boiler.                                                                 The gun is available in one or two-way and it  can be equipped                         with various types of nozzles: flat, round, removable or fixed.                                          Use:sterilization of small objects,cleaning,removing stains on fabrics.

             Steam Unit

Low-boy   with electric control box. Comes complete with solenoid                   valve, iron steel lung , feeding cable, cable holder, plug and socket                      for connection of  various tools.

1SVA Superheater

Steam-Superheater is the ideal professional tool for improving the quality of the ironing, cleaning of metals and where you need the dry steam. The unit comes with feeding cable. .
           Anti Limestone

            Water softener filter in polypropylene covering.

           Filled with ion exchange  resin,  it reduces the lime-scale deposits.